From the Dropbox IPO launch, to Lungevity’s Annual dinner. Our team has had the pleasure of working with some of the top companies in the nation today. 

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There are so many great ways to learn and sharpen your skills these days! From reading blogs, listening to podcasts, attending webinars and more. However still till this day, one of the best ways is to attend a conference that is both well planned and produced. These conferences and in-person workshops offer valuable information for companies and consumers alike. Our team of Conference Planners & Producers help plan and execute conferences that range from small, to large. Networking Conferences, Panel Discussions Conferences, Social Media Conferences and more! 

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Design & Run Of Show

Our team understands the conference world. While not all conferences are the same, our team is positive that we can execute and produce all deliverables on time, and on budget. Whether you are looking to have a conference planned for networking opportunities, to showcase new tools or to teach your staff in a new space, our team has the tools to make sure you succeed.  Along with our design team, our technical team is world class. 

Conference Audio Rentals

With video conferencing more popular than ever, the complex science of audio cannot be underestimated. The inability to communicate can have a number of effects on your organization. Our team of pro audio technicans will ensure that we deliver clear, precise audio from your stage, to your audience. From less of productivity to loss of actual dollars, including the A/V Conference Audio Rental is up to par is of utmost importance for any event.

Conference Video Rentals

Video is increasingly getting more and more popular in the conference industry. From online video conferences, to video demonstrations for products and power points. Our LED video wall rentals, High Definition broadcasting equipment and technical team can make sure that you have a seamless experience during your conference. This will ensure that all attendees both online and in person have clear communication with your brand or product. 

Conference Lighting

Highlight your product or brand to ensure maximum visibility. Witht he use of our conference lighting rentals, our team ensures the stage, the branding, and your event elements are properly lighted and on display for your entire audience. Speak with our on-site technicians about lighting cues, colors, gobo designs and more. Lighting is a versatile tool that can provide great benefits to both your conference production and conference design concept. 


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